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About Beautiful Hands Creative 

The inception of Beautiful Hands Creative was rooted in a simple yet powerful mission: provide top-quality equipment to independent filmmakers at competitive prices. We aim to support diverse creatives by providing them with the tools they need to thrive in the entertainment industry. 


Beautiful Hands Creative also serves as an equipment house for Silent Visual Media, a 2/3 Deaf owned production company. Silent Visual Media aims to bridge the gap between the Deaf and hearing worlds, by creating work for and by historically marginalized communities.


A little about our founder: 


As an undergrad at The University of Pittsburgh, Heather Gray was the 1997 Homecoming Queen, a herald trumpet in the varsity marching band, and a sister of Tau Beta Sigma. Heather was also active in “Beautiful Hands,” an American Sign Language performance group, led by ASL instructor Karen Walkney Mrdjenovich. Before her passing, Karen was a force for change in the hearing world, as her passion was educating people about Deaf Culture and American Sign Language. Heather is committed to honoring the memory of her mentor, through radical hospitality and creative support.


After graduate school, Heather was the cofounder of an arts incubator called BLANKSPACE ARTS. She has earned numerous acting awards with the Pittsburgh New Works Festival and was a finalist in the Steeltown Film Factory script competition, for her short “Life After Deaf.” Heather has Executive Producer credit on half a dozen short films and two feature length films. She has participated in several 48 Hour Film Festivals, and her company (Silent Visual Media) sponsors an award at the Pittsburgh 48 for “Diversity and Belonging.”


Also with Silent Visual Media, Heather was the cohost of 11 episodes of a game show called “SignTasTic!” As the first television game show with a Deaf host, SignTasTic! educates and entertains Deaf and hearing audiences, alike. 


When she leads our team, Heather refers to herself and her trusted colleagues as UNICORNS. Heather believes that the magic we create individually becomes even more extraordinary when we come together, collaborating as a united herd, to spread glittery brilliance.


Beautiful Hands Creative invites you to join us in this journey, where everyone belongs. 

Let your creativity run free - embrace this spirit and BE A UNICORN!

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